My Garden Crush

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Adventures in edible gardening, family and cancer

Joshua’s favourite story

By on Jan 19, 2018 in Blog Posts, Cancer | 1 comment

Yesterday I touched a dead body. I thought, “I can’t wait to tell Josh about this, he’ll be really curious”. Then I remembered it was his body.

All the worry-worthy things

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“Cardiac patients seem to notice all the risks in the world,” she said. “Often they end up being afraid to do things on their own. It robs them of their independence.”

Cancer, it seems is the same.

The elephant on my chest

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“There’s a elephant sitting on my chest.” My words feel rushed and tangled. My tongue trips over the simplest of phrases. I’m having difficulty keeping the volume of my voice even.

This is not art and it’s not average either

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White hot, blistering rage charges through my blood vessels. It crystallises into glass-edged, diamond-hard glistening shards that leave my legs hot and anxious and restless. Air expands in my chest. I am puffed out and breathless at once. I lurch from my bed and twitch open the curtain.